Mary Campbell Scholarship
Mary_Campbell_adjMary Campbell began teaching at Olympia High School in 1955, teaching English and drama for more than 30 years, and retired as the first female vice principal of OHS. She graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1951 majoring in English.  After teaching in Hallock, Minnesota for a few years, she transferred to the University of Washington in 1954 to begin work on a master’s degree.


Jocelyn Dohm Scholarship
jocelyn_head & shouldersJocelyn Dohm was a 1936 graduate of Olympia High School, where she was the newspaper editor. After earning her journalism degree at the University of Washington, Dohm returned to Olympia where she operated the Sherwood Press for 60 years along West 5th Avenue, next to the Old St. Peter Hospital. Dohm’s work contributed to intellectual discussion in the Olympia area, her friendly face welcome community wide. Apply For Scholarship


George Morris Scholarship
2006 George MorrisGeorge Morris taught wood shop in the Olympia School District 1947-1977. He came to Olympia High School in 1961, and also served as athletic director and coach for football, wrestling and track. Morris had tremendous vocal range, he could launch his booming voice that could be heard over a whole shop full of operating machinery or from one end of the campus to the far end of the sports fields. Or he was the gentle words of encouragement over your shoulder that kept you on track, inspired. He ushered in the era of women’s interscholastic sports at OHS, coaching girls track in the 1975-76 school year. Apply For Scholarship