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Mason Dunkelburger, ’40 – Lives in Long Beach, Calif., (562) 427-7285.

Bessie (Hedges) Wheeler, ’40 – Lives in Olympia and is active in Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church, sewing, quilting and helping at Union Gospel mission.

Ted Sthay, ’43 – Lives in Olympia, has two great grandchildren. He recently attended his grand daughter’s graduation from law school in Seattle.

Alice (De Lorin) Abreu,’44 – Lives in Hayward, California. She notes that she is getting older and slower.

Doreen (Carlson) Hoyt, Doreen, ’44 – Lives with her oldest daughter in Corona, Calif.

John Stentz, ’44 – Retired in ’88 after 30 years with Simpson Timber Co. He lives with his wife Jeri (’43) on Mercer Island.

Dale Rogers, ’45 – Had heart pass surgery last year and lives in Lacey

Vila (Hannaford) Narozonick, ’46 – Lives in Olympia and is keeping doctor’s calendar filled.

Gloria Pinard, ’46 – Taught school for 26 years mostly in North Thurston School District. She enjoys writing letters, listening to CDs and taking care of 91-year-old husband, Don (’41).

Charles Dwinell, ’47 – Lives in Tukwila and is restoring a 1941 Graham Hollywood car.

Barbara (Anderson) James, ’48  – Lives in Gig Harbor with husband, teaches piano and substitute teaches in grade school. She has been married 63 years.

Kathryn (Whitney) Looker, ’48 – She’s active with the Grange and her church, has 11 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Kathryn lives in Tacoma.

Harold Westman, ’48 – Is living in Arcata, Calif.

Shirley (Englehart) Cronk, ’49 – Worked at Office of Attorney General 1960-’83. She moved to to Mesa, Ariz. in 2005 and then to Port Ludlow in 2011. She enjoys square dancing.

Jackie (Mullenix) Martin, ’49 – Is a member of Oly Strut Road Assn., and attends car shows. Vacations in Cabo and California annually, and lives in Olympia.

Irven Palmer, ’49 – US Navy veteran of the Korean War. Irven graduated from Puget Sound College and University of Idaho, 60 years an active pilot and lives in Rainier.


Martin Denyer, ’50 – Enjoys living in Washington and Borrego Springs, Calif.

Cliff Huntley, ’50 – Moved in 2013 to Quartzite, Ariz., where he and wife run an RV park.

Wayne McVey, ’51 – Was honored by the University of Alberta for his work, authored a college text in demography.

Helen (Stewart) ’51 Polthier – Worked on 63rd year OHS class reunion.

Ivy Johnson, ’52 – Retired from nursing, enjoys visiting with friends and lives in Seattle.

Donald Niemi, ’52 – Enjoys raising beef, fishing and traveling.

Gertrude Barbara (Sordahl) Amstutz,’54 – had surgery in Cancun for broken hip and femur in a fall, had back surgery in Seattle, now recovering from a broken pelvis.

Judith (Mann) Anderson, ’54 – Retired as a nurse practitioner in 2006, lives with her daughter in Eugene, Ore, and enjoys traveling.

Charles Cissna, ’54 – Healing from a stroke and living in Seattle.

Cleonne (Eubanks) Compton, ’54 – Keeping up with the grandkids in Alaska, lives in Shelton.

Marjolaine Grant, ’54 – Taking stained glass classes, enjoys golfing, and lives in Tigard, Ore.

Irene (Holden) Malin, ’54 – Still selling maps of Northwest waters.

Muriel (Bryant) Swanson, ’54 – Enjoys traveling and attending theater with friends, and lives in Olympia.

Burnell (Flatau) Babcock, ’55 – Retired from teaching in 1997, RVd with husband for six years, enjoys scrapbooking, travels between Indiana and Arizona.

Robert Clinton, ’55 – Lives in Amelia Island, Fla.

Frank Copeland, ’55 – Lives in Westport, Wash., where he enjoys yard work and painting.

Delores (Duke) Duke, ’55 – Retired bus driver who enjoys the big rigs still, driving his motorhome, and lives in Centralia.

DeaAnn (Thompson) Fisk, ’55 – Has had MS for 19 years, and lives in Powell Butte, Ore.

Connie (Thietje) LaFond, ’55 – Lives in Olympia where she volunteers at church and at Roosevelt Elementary. Connie has six children,18 grandkids, and18 great grand children.

Mary (Jensen) Read, ’55. Lives in Redmond, Ore., on Eagle Crest Golf Course, and has three grandchildren.

Lloyd Davenport, ’56 – Lives winters in Florence, Ariz., likes to fish in Alaska in July. They enjoys traveling with their trailer. He published his second book “The Path.” Lloyd lives in Olympia.

Jean (Snyder) Mack, ’56 – Has been married 58 years, enjoys good health in her retirement, has seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Jean crochets hats and scarves for the homeless.

Enid Roberts, ’56 – Creating gardens on 30 acres that overlook the waterfront on Totten Inlet waterfront. She is building her eighth home at Downview Gardens. Her husband Harold has had insurance agency in Tacoma for 40 years, they live in Shelton

Mary Lou (Swanson) Von Bargen, ’56 – Lives in Shelton and had a lot of downed limbs from recent storms.

Raymond Von Bargen, ’56 – Lives in Shelton and had a lot of downed limbs from recent storms.

Georgia (Lufkin) Welsh, ’56 – Active in the local Moose Club in Yuma, Ariz., and goes to the casino twice a month.

Dave Moorhouse, ’57 – Spends winters in Palm Springs and summers in Washington at Tokeland and Friday Harbor.

Eugene Allen “Skip” Weir, ’57 – Enjoys RVing and riding Harleys with his wife, and visiting with family. They live in Olympia.

Jane (Stewart) King, ’58 – Lives in Glen Ellen, Calif., likes to garden and travel. She has eight granddaughters.

Bonnie Morimoto, ’58 – Retired from teaching biology in 2004.

Sarah (Knox) Miyazaki, ’59 – Living in Berkley, Calif. She had a recent great visit with Hallie (Niemi) Moore, ’59, who’s living in Texas, and get together for tea with Nancy (Townsend) Betz, ’59, who’s living in Modesto Calif.

George Barner, ’59 – Serving his eighth year as Olympia Port Commissioner. George tinkers with his old automobiles and is hoping to get his ’49 Chevy truck back on the road. George enjoys scouring through 2nd hand stores. Married 1997, divorced 2007. Still loves to boogie to good old rock ‘n roll. George says God bless all those alums who’ve left us.


Martha (Sack) Kunkel, ’60 – Enjoys quilting, traveling and teaching.

Livingston Wernecke, ’60 – is living in Seattle. He laments recently missing a lunch with a few classmates:  (awaiting email response)

Tamara (Sweeney) Ensign, ’60 – Lives in Olympia and likes to travel. She has visited all 50 states and their capitols.

Janet Franks, ’60 – Enduring numerous health issues, and lives in Olympia.

Sandra Lee (Vander Maas) Hanlin, ’60 – Is still fighting cancer, and lives in Everett.

William “Bill” Howden, ’60 – Lives in Port Orchard, is still working and doing well.

Barbara (Hoffman) DeVincentis, ’61 – Retired after 12 years with United Airlines. She winters in Tucson, Ariz., spends summers in Seattle, and travels to London to visit twin granddaughters.

Barry Hawkins, ’61 – Accepted into the heritage organization “Sons of the American Revolution.” He lives in Middletown, NY.

Herbert Jewell, ’62 – Retired and living in Tenino.

David Lindeblom, ’62 – Living in Lacey and is still building. He’s active in his church and learning tenor after years of bass. He still roots for Oly Bears and WSU Cougars. He’s still growing trees, driving and going strong. He and wife Gayle have 47 years together. For 14 years, David has “clowned around” with the Red Nose Brigade, he’s a club leader for scouting, and hires out as Santa Clause, (360) 456-5526. David enjoyed the 50th class reunion. His brother Harvey, ’57 and sister Joanna, ’53, live in Thurston County.  David’s email:

R. Eloise (Neilson) Stolsig, ’62 – Lives in Cove, Ore., is expanding her artwork and marketing veggies from her organic garden.

Gary Pleasant, ’63 – Retired and likes to fish, travel and go to Seahawks games with his son.

Dennis Dawson, ’65 – Enjoys retirement.

Leslie (Storey) Struble, ’65 – Lives in Springfield, Ill., and is retired but teaches part time at the University of Illinois. Spends summers and falls in Wyoming.

John W. “Jay” Hunter, ’66 ¬ives in Olympia, likes to fish off of LaPush and horseback riding throughout the state. He drives to Florida in winters, and is president of Washington Outdoor Adventures.

Trudy (Frederick) Valdez, ’67 – Retired after a 40-year career as a veterinary technician. She lives in Port Orchard and enjoys her grandchildren.

Christine (Kloppmann) Warjone, ’67 – Lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, as a full time artist. She volunteers with Medical Teams International, for which she travels to Africa and Mexico.

Gary “Michael” Johnson, ’68 – Retired from the Anacortes Police Department after 28 years, and 12 years in USMC. He earned his master’s degree in criminal justice from Kaplan University and a doctorate in psychology.


Bruce Karney, ’70 – Enjoyed having Mrs. Mary Campbell for English. Bruce lives in Mountain View, Calif.

Sarah Ormond, ’72 – Happily retired and lives with her husband and dogs in San Diego.

Karen (Tveden) Caton, ’73 – Lives in Tomball, Texas, where she is expedites commercial construction permit.

Jim Plaquet, ’73 – Retired in 2011 from the Alaska Oil Industry, works part time for the Alaska Supports Industry Alliance, and lives in Fairbanks.

Janet (Christian) Buechel, ’75 – Lives in Ashley, Ohio.

Stuart Miles-McLean, ’75 – Lives in Washington, D.C., and is a senior policy analyst in the office of the administrator at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Recently celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary.


Laurie (Jessiman) Cayton, ’75 – Lives in Taylorsville, Utah, where he has three children, and has worked as an attorney for Department of Justice for past 26 years.

Jim Fetterly, ’75 – Lives in Woodlands, Texas, where he ha owned and operated Screamworld for the past 26 years.

Nancy Heinreich, ’75 – Owns Fun Junkin in West Olympia.

Stuart Miles-McLean, ’75 – Is a solar policy analyst in the office of The Environmental Protection Agency. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Indiana University, and now lives in Washington, D.C.

Kelly Packard, ’75 – Vice resident of of Sales Trimed, Inc., which sells orthopedic trauma implant equipment. He lives in North Plains, Ore.

Nancy Muggoch, ’76 – Lives in Mill Valley, Calif., and plans to move back to Olympia on Totten Inlet in June 2015. Yay.

Martin Meyer,’77 – Lives in Olympia and reports the passing of his mother (OHS ’36).

Martin Meyer,’77 – Lives in Olympia and reports the passing of his mother (OHS ’36).

Leslie (Lindskog) Burrows, ’80 – Lives in Seattle. She enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, running, coaching and spending time with family.
Erika (Anderson) Anderson,’84 – Works as a software project manager in Denver where she has two children. She enjoys quilting, hiking and traveling.